Due to technical difficulties, online enrollment is not yet open, but will be opening soon. Thank you for your patience as we improve our site for you.

Online Enrollment is now Open,

All enrollment deadlines can be found HERE

Important! Please read all instructions carefully!

Online Enrollment instructions

What do I need?

  1. You will need a Credit or Bank/Debit Card and a valid email address (not used by another student.)
  2. Current and former students also need your Student ID #.  See your director first if you do not have your Student ID #. If your director does not have your student ID#, they will contact us.
  3. If you have any problems, please ask your director for help.

How to fill out the application

  1. Select your FBI Status.
  2. Select Your State or Country.
  3. Choose your correct School Location - listed by City and Church name.
  4. Complete your Personal Information.
    • All Required fields marked with an asterisk * must be completed.
    • Please use uppercase letters as appropriate.
    • Do not use punctuation in any field.
  5. Returning Students please double & triple check your Student ID # (not required for new students).
  6. Click "Continue Registration" and you will be directed to a summary page to verify your information.  Please check & go back to correct any errors.
  7. Select the amount you are paying today.  (In Full or Application Fee Only) 
    • $25 application fee is non refundable and non-transferrable
  8. Click the "Pay now" button and you will see the payment windows below.
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  1. Enter the requested information as it pertains to the owner of the credit card and click the pay button. If your payment information is correct, the payment button will turn green and display a check mark.

Once your payment is complete, you will then see a confirmation page. You are registered for the upcoming semester. You can then register another family member if needed. Print your confirmation page and check your email for your payment receipt.

Enrolling an additional family member

  1. After returning to our website, Use the family discount code “Family2” if you are enrolling a second family member. (Discount applies to those who are actually related and living in the same household.)
  2. If you are enrolling a second family member, complete the application and enter the Family discount code.
  3. When you are asked to verify your information, you will also need to enter the information of the first family member.

If you receive an error message at any point, our office will be glad to assist you.  If you know how to take a screen shot of the problem, please Contact us below: